Welcome to the READ-49!

The READ-49

READ is the abbreviation of Reliable Emotional Action Decoding.

The READ-Test measures a person's ability to detect and correctly interpret the facial expressions of his or her dialog partner in a minimum of time. This ability is of tremendous importance when building and maintaining relationships in the most various contexts, and it is part of psychological concepts, like for example emotional intelligence and empathy. 

Hereafter, you will see a test with 49 different emotion-pictures, which are to be allocated to one of the 7 basic emotions (fear, surprise, anger, disgust, contempt, sadness and happiness)

The test takes 5 a maximum of 10 minutes. Please ensure that you won't be disturbed during the test, so that you can concentrate and do it as efficiently as possible.


To proceed, please answer the following security question in order to prevent abuse.

We wish you happy decoding of the following emotion depicting.

Warm regards
Dirk W. Eilert